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Randy Spencer
Randy Spencer, CO-President

Randy Spencer

Randy started his selling career in 1977, when he was 19 years old after he lost his college wrestling scholarship to an injury and got into sales. In 1977 he made $63,000 His first year and that is when it took off from there. 3 Years later he did so well in the company setting sales records as a distributor, he got promoted to home office.


From there he worked with the company formalizing new sales and marketing program, and product designs, with that it set new records. In 1987 He quit and went back as a distributor and made one of the fastest growing sales companies in the USA with 350 people working for him and 22 offices.


He got promoted again in 1995 with the same company and again set new standards in the sales in the water vacuum industry. He was poised to help take over the company in 2001 when a tragic family accident forced him to resign.


5 years later he was asked to be President and head up a new project from another company in water vacuums. Again Designing, Developing and Marketing a new water machine. He did so with his Executive Sales Director and in less than 3 years it was the fastest growing sales company again under his direction in the USA.


Randy Started working on Nano Silver Technology back in 2006 dropped it for a couple years, then picked it back up and stayed with it. He designed and developed one of the finest highest Quality cleaning systems in the world today, for the price of an average vacuum.


Randy has spent over 35 years developing high end water vacuum systems that sold for $2500 or more and now, he has developed a product that has Micro Silver in it the to kill bacteria, Fungi , Mold and viruses to the public for a fraction of the cost.


This New Home Health Technology will set the standard in the Vacuum industry for a long time to come. Randy is now Co-President of Intelliclean Solutions, which their parent company is on the New York Stock Exchange, Randy is bringing a complete new product line to you in the near future.




Laarry York
Larry York, Executive Vice President

Larry York

Larry York, age 52, is Executive Vice President of Intelliclean Solutions, LLC, the company that exclusively markets the Quantum Vac brand in the United States. Larry York has also served as Executive Vice President and co-owner of Airflow International, LLC since 2012. Airflow International developed the world’s first water filtration vacuum cleaner that contains the germ killing power of silver. Airflow International markets the Quantum Vac under a different brand name outside of the United States pursuant to a licensing arrangement. Larry has spent a total of 21 years in the vacuum cleaner industry, and has invented and filed a patent for a new vacuum cleaner product for Intelliclean Solutions that will be in production in the near future for worldwide distribution.


Since 1989 Larry has been in sales, marketing and management of companies that sell various household products directly to consumers. Larry directed a successful distributorship and sales force between 1989 and 2002 for the world’s largest manufacturer of old technology water filtration vacuums. In 2002 he was hired by the largest US manufacturer of stainless steel cookware. He was tasked to redesign the sales program for the company’s 12 subsidiaries. This resulted in record growth for the company that continues to utilize the sales program developed by Larry.


In 2005 Larry was approached by a company that was a customer of the cookware company to assist in the development of a vacuum cleaner product. By the time Larry returned to the cookware company in 2009 he was instrumental in developing the fastest growing direct sales vacuum cleaner company in history with over 243 distributors in 24 months with millions in monthly revenues. From 2009 to 2012 Larry traveled the world for the cookware company implementing his sales programs for a launch of a major brand product, after which he joined Airflow.