Experience the
Cleansing Power of Water!

  • Limited Time Offer: 14-day in home trial for just $1. Learn more
  • Quantum Vac Pro never loses strength or airflow
  • Quantum Vac Pro uses fresh water so the filter is always clean
  • No dirty canisters or paper bags to change – and other vacuum cleaners stop working effectively when their filters clog! 
  • Quantum Vac Pro is a vacuum cleaner, air purifier, mini vac, wet/dry vac, blower, inflator & deflator – ALL IN ONE!

you save

Quantum Vac Pro comes with 4 free bonus gifts!

upholstery brush

dusting brush


hard surface broom

Quantum Vac Pro

plus 4 free bonus gifts!




hard surface

vacuum machine

The Smartest, Most Powerful, Most Effective Vacuum Cleaner You’ll Ever Buy!

  • Bacteria-reducing micro silver technology protects your family from toxins, pathogens, germs & more
  • Ideal for families with small children, allergy-sufferers, and expectant mothers.
  • Self-regulating computer lets you set a timer to purify the air in your house
  • Telescopic handle reaches places other vacuum cleaners can’t
  • Built-to-last with stainless steel tubing & top-grade wire hose
  • Detachable cord for easy storage

Traditional Vacuum Cleaners Have a Dirty Secret That Can Make You Sick!
Paper, foam, & HEPA filters in ordinary vacuums are breeding grounds for bacteria & germs. If you don’t replace them regularly, and you’ll release filth & toxins right back into your home whenever you clean!

The Quantum Vac Pro filters dirt & debris through its unique water filter, so only clean, purified air flows out! Just empty the water for a fresh, good-as-new filter that never clogs & unstoppable airflow every time.

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Wondering how much the Quantum costs?


NOT $2,000 to $3,000 like the Rainbow vac that also uses water filtration but doesn’t have micro-silver technology.


NOT up to $700 like some Dyson vacs which can’t pick up wet spills and is not an air cleaner, an inflater, a space bag deflater or blower.


The Quantum Vac Pro in this limited time television offer has been reduced from its normal price of $989 to an incredibly low price of $499, and you can get free shipping when you pay by credit card!


Try now for $1 with Free Shipping


Bacteria-reducing micro
silver technology

Protects your family from toxins,
pathogens, germs & more

Self-regulating computer

lets you set a timer to purify the
air in your house

Telescopic handle

reaches places other vacuums


with stainless steel tubing and
top-grade wire hose

Ideal for families

with small children, allergy
sufferers, & expectant mothers

Detachable cord

for easy storage

Compare to Leading Brands


Quantum Vac
Micro Silver To Reduce Germs yes no no no no
Vacuum and Air Cleaner yes yes no no no
Wet Wet Vac For Spills yes yes no no no
No Filters to Clean yes no no no no
NoFilter That Can Clog Airfiow yes no no no no
At Least 5-Year Warranty yes yes no no no
On Board Operating Computer yes
Vacuum Under 4″ Clearance yes yes yes
Vulcanized Wire Reinforced Hose yes

* Shark lift away Model has This Feature But the main Canister Must Be Removed First



“I LOVE MY QUANTUM VAC! Wednesday I had my living room and hall professionally cleaned. I vacuumed Thursday and Friday with my Dyson. Friday I received my Quantum so Saturday I vacuumed first with my Dyson again then with my new Quantum. I could not believe the dirt, dog hair and who knows what else was in the water and the smell of really clean blew away my family and me.” – Sandy B


“I’ve had this product in my house for a few months. The entire atmosphere has dramatically changed for the better. The air is pure, the carpets and floors are much, much cleaner than they have ever been. Everybody should have one of these, especially if you have pets or kids. You won’t believe what other vacs leave behind when you use the Quantum Vac for the first time. It’s truly incredible!” – S Stewart


“I have had this vacuum cleaner for a year now and I just love it. I have a dog with long hair and it is the best thing I have had to get all of the hair up. My carpets are cleaner than they ever have been.” – E Engel


“We always thought our house was clean with our old bagless vacuum, however, after using the Quantum Vac we were completely shocked at the dirt left behind by our old bagless vacuum. We have three animals one dog and two cats with hair and cat litter. The Quantum Vac never lost its cleaning power. If you are a clean freak you will love this product!” – TGJ


“I recommend the Airflow NS to all my patients that potentially suffer from airborne allergies, asthma, and sinus disease.” – Dr. John Kolisnyk


“It is VERY NICE very high quality machine! It has the features of ALL the best water filtration vacuums combined in this unit and more (motor is very powerful, DIRECT CONNECT power nozzle (companies charge extra for that) with light, light inside the water basin (all new features of latest rainbow included in quantum and more), 2-speeds motor, the hose is LONGER than in rainbow (and all other similar brands) (9 ft), very nice to have longer hose and everything is HIGH quality and price is low for this high quality machine. Also on board computer w/display. Overall, the machine is very close to perfection, especially at that price for the customer!” – Anonymous Vacuum Cleaner Dealer


Why Pay Up to $1200 for All These Appliances?

Quantum Vac Pro is the Incredible 6-in-1 Powerhouse that can do it all!

  • vacuum

  • air purifier

  • air purifier

  • wet/dry/vac

  • wet spills

  • blower

  • blower

  • inflator/deflator

Try now for $1 with Free Shipping

Why are we doing this?

Why are we offering the Quantum Vac for just a $1 trial? Because we are absolutely certain you will love the Quantum Vac and want to keep it forever! Here’s how the $1 trial works:

14-Day Trial for ONLY $1


0% APR Financing Available*

  • Try the Quantum Vac or Quantum Vac Pro vacuum cleaner in your home risk free for just $1.
  • Your 14-Day Trial begins the day you receive your Quantum Vac Pro.
  • You may return it within 60 days for a full refund less shipping charges.
  • Includes all accessories that are listed.
  • If you choose the $1 trial, your credit card will be billed $1 today.
  • At the end of the 14-Day Trial you pay just 3 monthly payments $166, or pay the full price at once after the trial and we’ll throw in FREE SHIPPING & PRIORITY PROCESSING ($50 Value!).
  • Or, you may choose to bypass the 14-Day Trial and pay in low monthly installments via Bread Financing*.

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you save

plus 4 free bonus gifts!

  • upholstery
  • dusting
  • crevice
  • hard surface

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